• Where are the baby bassinet positions?

    Baby bassinets are usually located in the first row behind a bulkhead. Bassinet positions usually offer greater seat pitch, and are highly desirable due to the extra leg room. However, beware that unless you are traveling with a baby, you could suddenly get re-assigned to a different seat if another family checked-in with a request for a bassinet.

  • What advice can you provide for choosing a seat?

    Avoid the last row, the back of the plane often has more motion. Bassinet rows have the most leg room, but you could get bumped by families with babies. Seats near lavatories and galleys, exit rows and bulkhead rows are often under airport control, and are not open for selection in advance. Check-in early and ask for the exit row.

  • Is the front of the plane better?

    That depends. Passengers seated near the front of the plane will deplane first and will experience less yawing motion.

  • What does "Seat Pitch" mean?

    Seat Pitch is defined as the distance between the same position on two consecutive rows. It is closely related to how much leg room you have. Bigger numbers are generally better, although the actual seat design, padding and contour often makes comparing different seats difficult.

  • How do I change my seat assignment?

    Many airlines offer the option to select your seat assignment when purchasing a ticket online and when checking in, either online or at an airport kiosk. You can also call the airline's reservation desk to change your seat assignment.

  • Can I access SeatExpert on my iPhone, or other mobile device?

    SeatExpert visitors are travelers, therefore the site was designed for viewing on both a desktop computer and mobile devices.

  • Can I get an exit row assigned in advance?

    Exit rows are often under airport control, and therefore can only be assigned by the check-in staff. Beware that many airlines have their own age limitation for exit row seating. Check with your carrier for more details.

  • Who owns and operates

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  • Why do some seats have multiple colors?

    Seats that are colored in a combination of colors have both good and bad attributes. Rather than average the attributes, we highlight the pros and cons so you can make an informed choice.