On the United 777-200, international flights, why is there both a green (good seat) plus yellow (beware) on seats H and J in row 21 (economy Plus). I see that the seats in rows 17-20 are for crew. I was going to pick 21 H and J but now you have me worried.

Seat 21H is actually pretty good on the 777-200 version with crew rest. I have flown in this particular seat myself, and found it quite spacious. However, others feel that the curtain that goes around the crew rest compartment is bothersome, and there is also a lack of underseat storage in front.

Also note that United has another version of the 777-200, as well as a completely new 777-200 with seats that are 3-3-3 instead of 2-5-2. It is difficult to tell which aircraft will be used on your route, as the reconfiguration from 2-5-2 to 3-3-3 is underway and the fleet will not be done until most likely sometime in 2012.

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