We are a family of three adults of quite large proportions! We are flying Virgin Atlantic from Heathrow to Miami. What three seats would you recommend? Economy only unfortunately.

Some of our staff members are big or tall, and a few are both, so we certainly understand your concerns to be as comfortable as possible on the long flight.

The best choice for your family of three is probably to go for the pairs of seats along the rear fuselage on the Boeing 747-400 serving your route. Due to the tapering of the fuselage, there is not enough room for the standard three seats at the last few rows. This means that there is no middle seat, just a window and aisle, so these are naturally more comfortable.

However note that their location near the back of the plane also has its negative points:

  1. Later meal service, which means they might not have your choice of meals available
  2. Last to deplane, hence longer queue at Immigrations
  3. The further back on the plane you sit, the more sideways motion you are likely to experience during turbulence
  4. You are more likely to be seated amongst tour groups or families traveling with children
  5. Sometimes the bins above the last few rows are used for emergency equipment, making it harder to find overhead bin space

Also, depending on the specific row, the window seat is mounted farther from the window than normal, making it a little harder to see out. This also means that there is some room to put your personal belongings between the seat and the fuselage.

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