Does Jetblue charge for headphones (earphones)?

For a period of time, JetBlue gave away headphones for free. Now they sell them for $1 at the gates using an honor system – just put your dollar in a bin and grab a headphone from a plexiglass box.

JetBlue also sells headphones on board, but only accepts credit card at that point. Our latest information indicates the cheaper headphones are $1 on board, and you can get a better set for $5.

Since the headjacks provided by JetBlue utilize standard jacks, you might consider just bringing your own headphone to be used on board. Any headphone that works on a standard MP3 player should work just fine.

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  1. Actually there is only one type on sale on the aircraft, not two. They are either $2 or $3 (I forget which since I generally have mine already in when they start making the announcements).

  2. Your information is half correct.
    Headphones are $2 cash at the gate and $2 credit or debit on board the aircraft.
    It is better to purchase them at the gate because there are but a limited number on board which may have been sold out on the flight prior to yours.

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