After lots of flights, I seem always to be seated over the wing where views are limited! What are the best row numbers for seats not over the wing? Flying Emirates to Dubai November on 777.

Unfortunately, most of the economy class seats on the Emirates Boeing 777-200LR are located in the back half of the plane, which, as luck and physics would have it, is where the wings are. Combine this with the 30+ degree swept back design of the wings, and you are left with a situation where many economy class class seats have restricted views.

If you value a window view above everything else, consider selecting seats as far back as possible, but do keep in mind these seats come with their own set of problems:

  1. You might not have your choice of meals, as the back is typically served last.
  2. Last to deplane, and longer queue at Immigrations
  3. The further back on the plane you sit, the more sideways motion you will experience during turbulence
  4. You are more like to be seated amongst tour groups or families traveling with children
  5. Sometimes the bins above the last few rows are used for emergency equipment, making it harder to find overhead bin space

If you can live with those drawbacks, then select a seat further back and enjoy the view.

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