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We are flying to Kauai in first Class on a 757. We have the bulk head seats. We will have a 5-month-old daughter with us. We didn’t get her a seat. What is the best arrangement for flying with her? Can we put a baby seat on the floor by our feet after take off for her? Will a baby seat fit in the overhead for take off?

I’m thinking of flying Cathay Pacific from Melbourne to Hong Kong. Just wondering if you know whether the seats will still be the extraordinarily uncomfortable non-reclining chairs? I heard that they would be replaced, but unsure if that has happened yet.

I am a short female (5″1) who will be flying on Emirates in January on one of their 777-300ER (3-class). I struggle to sleep on planes and, after years of trying to sleep in aisle seats, with my hand under my chin, I have decided to see if I have better luck sleeping against a window seat. Could you tell me which of the window seats in economy have the jutting out wall (e.g. are between windows) so I can lean my head against the wall? I’m too short to find the two seaters at the back of the plane comfortable when on my own, the bulkhead seats are always filled with people with babies (who, inevitably occupy the entire row with their additional baby bags), but I have no issue with sound or movement when trying to sleep. I just need to get comfortable (as I usually sleep on my side when in a bed).

I will be travelling elite class on Eva Airlines’ 777-300ER. Can you tell me if row 20 is a good row? I see on your seat map that it is green and yellow color, so good seat but beware. I am 6 foot 1 inch tall and would like this seat 20 A and C for my partner. Second choice would be row 21 A and C but I notice not all window seats actually have a window so would like to avoid looking out to a view of cabin lining!!

What is United’s first class like flying from Denver to Honolulu on a 767-300? What is the best row to be in ? Is it the first row on the AB side? Do they have personal TVs?

On the Air Canada 777, in seat 18 J and K, how wide is the seat? The immovable arm rest would mean it’s not the full 18.5, but how bad is it?

What are the best first-class seats from Detroit to Kahului Hawaii? Which airline, or aircraft?

[We are a] couple traveling from Bangalore to Seattle with 4- and 11-year-old kids on Lufthansa boeing 747-400. Which are the best rows to watch overhead monitors? Is row 35 or 36 a better option?

We are two elderly passengers on Emirates 777-300ER for part of jouney to Manchester from New Zealand and want to know which seats would be most comfortable for us?

I am flying on American Airlines Boeing 777 from Chicago to Delhi in Coach class. Do you know if there are power outlets available for me to take my portable DVD player? Or are there individual tv screens?