Q&A with the Seat Expert

Archive for October, 2010

We try to book the 2-5-2 configurations because we travel as a couple. I have heard that United is doing away with this configuration on its 777s. What airlines have this configuration from SFO to London?

I need as much leg room as possible. I’m a 6’2″ and need leg room! What can I do? I’m flying AirTran.

You have listed seat 16 G on the Boeing 767 on Delta airlines as a yellow (beware) seat. Can you please tell me why it is a beware seat? I am currently assigned that seat, but don’t want to lose being so close to the front (a tight connection time for the next leg of my journey). However it is a transatlantic, longhaul flight to Paris and so I also want to be comfortable and hopefully sleep! Please tell me why you rate this seat as ‘beware’!

Please settle a bet I have with my boyfriend. Are there planes (used by commercial airlines) that have a rear passenger exit door that leads directly to the airport terminal via that overground tunnel?

Is Virgin going to update its premium economy seats going out of Gatwick, to the same as planes going out of Heathrow?