I am trying to figure out what is the maximum sized bag that I can carry on to a regional jet (embraer, etc.)?
Is there more space under the seats or in the overhead bins?
Is there a maximum size that will fit as the 22 x 14 x 9 does for bigger planes?
Can a person take on 2 bags, one small enough to fit in the overhead, and one small enough to fit under the seat, or if you have two bags, you will always be asked to gate check one?

The best regional jets for carry-on luggage are the Embraer family of 170, 175, 190 and 195 models. These aircrafts have overhead bins that could handle standard 22x14x9 roll-aboard cases. For other regional jets, I recommend traveling with soft-side bags so that they can be made to fit the irregular shaped space of the overhead bin. One of our staff has a back-pack type soft case with wheels, measuring only 19x13x7, and he still has trouble getting it into regional jet overhead bins, and typically had to place it under the seat in front of his legs.

As for bring on two bags, as long as they are small enough, I do not believe you will be forced to gate check them.

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  1. On the standard/small RJs (ERJ 135/140/145 CRJ 200/700), the above post is correct, standard rollaboards do not fit in the overheads. HOWEVER, the gate check situation for these RJs is different than when a mainline plane fills up before you have a chance to find space. On the RJs, gate agents will tag your bag with a valet-like ticket (American actually calls this “Valet Service”), usually before you board, you take the bag with you down the gate, and when you get to the plane you hand it off. Then when you arrive, your bag is given back at the plane side of gate once you get off the plane – no baggage claim! And when you bag check (for any reason) they don’t charge. So just remember the liquids rule and check your bag for free!! (of course it has to be able to get thru Security – size-wise and liquid-wise).

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