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Do the seats in JetBlue’s A320 in Rows 9, 10 and 11 recline? Many times the exit row seats do not recline making those seats not so great.

LY Boeing 744, 3 classes, seat 21A
LY Boeing 777, seat 45K
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What company makes the seats for the Boeing 737 and who makes the seats for the Airbus? Does the two different airplane manufacturers use the same seat company?

I am on a RT to Europe red eye from IAD to FRA in business and return LON to ORD in business as well. I am flying one of United’s new configuration lie-flat 767′s. Every other row is backwards. What is the best seat to try and get for each flight? I am usually a right side of plane aisle in front for domestic flights, but is window best for sleeping?

Do you have any info on the Austrian Air 767-300EX that operates from IAD to VIE daily? OS 94 and OS 93.

What is “preferred seating” on American? I am Platinum on American but am not clear on the difference in legroom between preferred and exit row.

NWA flight# 247 on 3/12/09: Aircraft is designated as 75N. What does 75N mean?

Which international airline has the most comfortable economy seat? How do I upgrade from economy to business class with the least amount of money?

I need to know which seats inside ATR42 airplane are more comfortable?

On the Embraer 120, why are seats 3C and 4C in yellow (bad seat?). Is there no window or some other problem? Thank you!